Admissions Criteria


Admission criteria for Mockingbird HIll:

  • 18 years old or older
  • Safely detoxed or can be safely detoxed at MBH as directed by medical staff at MBH
  • Male/male identified
  • Willingness to be at the facility and participate in programming
  • Physically able to participate in all program activities
  • Willingness to follow rules and guidelines of the program
  • Primary diagnosis of Substance Use Disorder
  • Meets ASAM criteria for 3.5 or 3.1
  • Recent drug or alcohol use unless detained in jail or incarceration with a pattern of relapse, new charges or discharged from an ASAM level 4.0 facility.
  • Agreement to not physically harm, intimidate or cause emotional harm to peers
  • Will not use racist, or disrespectful language that can offend men in the peer group of residential living
  • Ability and willingness to clean up after himself, do own laundry and be responsible for himself
  • Willingness to be respectful of peers by respecting others’ things, not borrowing items, and being courteous toward others.

Exceptions to Admission at Mockingbird Hill:

  • Sex offenders
  • Violent offenders (F4 battery or higher/all are reviewed)
  • Men with Offenses against children, battery or abuse (F5 or higher/needs documented)
  • Men with active warrants – will be reviewed
  • If incarcerated – referrals will be encouraged to go through court whenever possible
  • Men who are taking an addictive medication that they are not willing to stop using
  • Men with co-occurring disorders will be reviewed for ability to maintain stability in treatment with review of mental health records
  • Men with traumatic brain injury (TBI) will need record review to ensure he can participate in programming
  • Men with learning disabilities will be staffed for ability to learn in the milieu
  • Recent suicide attempts will be staffed for appropriateness for the facility
  • All major medical conditions are reviewed for approval
  • Possible admission will be tested for Covid upon arrival – if negative, client will be admitted to the program. If the client tests positive for Covid, he will not be admitted until he has completed five days of quarantine (admit on the 6th day).

What to Bring for Residential Stay:

All items are subject to search by staff  prior to being brought into the facility. 

Don’t over pack; storage space is limited to a standing locker and a foot locker for each client.

  • Identification: Official form of ID (State ID, Driver's License, Passport, etc.)

  • Personal hygiene: Each client may bring personal hygiene products such as deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb/brush, shaving cream, safety razors, lotion, and hair dryer. Clients are encouraged to bring a case or caddy of their own to store/transport these items to the bathroom during shower times. (Note: we will supply shampoo and body wash.)

  • Clothing: The clothing guideline at Mockingbird Hill is casual, yet tasteful and appropriate (nothing graphic, offensive or revealing). Clients are encouraged to bring comfortable clothing. You will have access to a coin-operated laundry machine, so a 7- to 10-day supply of clothing is recommended. Keep in mind, space may be limited, so please do not overpack. Clients are not permitted to wear open-toed shoes unless wearing socks. Shower shoes must be worn in the shower. Please pack clothes and shoes appropriate to wear while using our gym and engaging in outdoor physical activities. (Note: upon admission, your clothes will be placed into a high heat dryer for 30 minutes for infection control.)

  • Prescriptions: Please review the approved medications list to determine which prescribed medications can be brought to the facility. Specialized medication such as an inhaler for respiratory conditions, Epi-pens, Insulin pens, etc. are allowed. Please bring all medications you are currently taking in the correct labeled bottles received from your pharmacy. All medications will be reviewed by our medical team upon admission and stored until scheduled monitoring times. Any medications which are not approved and/or are on the prohibited medications list will be destroyed.  

  • Smoking: Residents are allowed to smoke during designated daily breaks but NO VAPES.

  • Electronics: TVs are available in community rooms and are shared during selected times.

    What NOT to Bring for Residential Stay:

    All items are subject to search by staff  prior to being brought into the facility. Don’t over pack; storage space is limited to a standing locker and a foot locker for each client.

    • Alcohol and Drugs: Alcohol, illicit drugs, and any non-prescription drugs (this includes cannabis and nicotine in any form ) are strictly prohibited on MBH property.

    • Over The Counter Medicines & Supplements: OTC medications and Supplements can not be brought to the facility.

    • Personal Electronics & Cell Phones: Residents are not allowed to have any electronics in their possession while at Mockingbird Hill. 

    • Cash & Valuables: We do not have vending machines, so residents do not need to have cash or change on them. Valuable jewelry and other items of value should not be brought to the facility. 

    • Weapons: Weapons of all types including legally obtained and permitted firearms are not permitted anywhere on MBH property.

    • Linens: MBH provides blankets, pillows, pillow cases, towels and sheets. Our beds are twin size.

    • Laundry supplies are provided to residents at no cost. 

    • Appliances: Personal appliances are not permitted anywhere on MBH property including but not limited to: space heaters, heating pads, coffee makers, microwaves, and/or toaster ovens.  

    • Any items that a resident cannot have on his person while in treatment, will be securely locked until discharge.