Are Drugs or Alcohol Tearing Your Life to Pieces?

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a widespread problem affecting millions of Americans from every walk of life.

Addiction is identified by things like:

  • Cravings and urges to use
  • Neglecting other parts of your life
  • Being unable to cut down or cease taking the substance
  • Continuing to use even after negative consequences
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop

Today SUD is a recognized, treatable disease. 

You deserve help from trained experts.


You Can’t Break the Cycle of Addiction Alone.

Residential treatment can be the safe harbor you need to heal.

We Know the Pain and Hopelessness That Comes With Addiction.

And we have the experience and expertise to help you.

Mockingbird Hill opened in 2021, but the organizations that created it -- Aspire Indiana Health and Progress House -- have more than a century of service to Hoosiers battling substance use disorder.

21 Million

Americans have at least one form of addiction

300 %

INcrease in drug overdoses since 1990

60 %

Of the risk of addiction is attributable to genetics

Asking for Help Is an Act of Courage.

People turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with other challenges they are having in their lives -- illness, abuse, unemployment, depression, etc.

Without addressing those underlying factors, long-term recovery cannot happen.

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Don’t Wait to Get the Help YOU Deserve.

Addiction is not a personal failing, it’s a treatable disease.

Without proper care, substance use disorder can lead to:

Continued Abuse & Relapse

Fractured Careers & Relationships

Incarceration or Institutionalization

Sickness, Injury 

or Death

Never. Lose. Hope.

Asking for help is the bravest thing you will ever do.

Comprehensive addiction treatment from healthcare experts will give you the best chance to:

 Stop Using Drugs & Alcohol

 Find Balance in Your Life

 Reconnect with Friends & Family

 Map a Path to Long-Term Recovery

 Live a Life of Freedom & Joy

Take that first courageous step today and seek medical treatment for your addiction.

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